Understanding the Middle East Conflict



3- Teaching DVD Pack with Randall Price


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This set of Dr. Randall Price's three teaching DVDs is a great introduction to believers and unbelievers alike for seeing the unseen behind what is happening in the never ending conflict in the Middle East.  It first covers modern Israel's place in prophecy with "Biblical Support for Modern Israel" and then modern Iran's place in the Middle East conflict in "Iran in Prophecy".  This is all brought together to show how God's plan is unfolding in "How the Mid East Conflict is Preparing the World for the End Time".  

This set shows the events in the Middle East are not random but were foreseen in the Bible prophecies long ago showing the truth of all of God's Word.  A great gift for pastors, home bible study teachers, and those you know that might receive a witness to God’s truth in this way of sharing it.