The Life of the Messiah From A Jewish Perspective

Volume 2

by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum Th.M., Ph.D.

HardBack - 680 pages 


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In keeping with the motto of World of the Bible Ministries of "Bringing the World of the Bible to the Word of the Church" we wish to present the book "YESHUA Volume 2" by friend of the ministry, Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum . This series , in great detail, explains the Jewish culture and history at the time of the life of Christ giving greater understanding of the events recorded in the Gospels. It will eventually be a three volume work as noted below:

During His ministry to the Jewish people, Yeshua (Jesus) journeyed throughout the land promised to the Jewish patriarchs, presenting Himself to the Jews as their Messianic King. He was a Jew living in a Jewish land among the Jewish people, yet, much of the knowledge of this Jewish society, its culture, and traditions has grown dim with the passage of time. In this work, Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum shines a bright light on the life of Yeshua and the land of Israel during the Second Temple period, interpreting the Gospels from a Messianic Jewish perspective. To achieve this, Dr. Fruchtenbaum has done original research in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek source texts, and has also drawn on the works of other scholars and the writings of the ancient rabbis (Volume 2 has more of the Rabbinc quotes footnoted rather than placed in the body of the text than Volume 1 for a smoother narrative).

A. T. Robertson's time-tested A Harmony of the Gospels provides the framework for his exegesis.

The second volume of this multivolume commentary on the Gospels opens with the beginning of Yeshua's public ministry.  It analyzes the role His miracles were to play as signs to Israel - to bring the Jewish people to the point of decision about His Messianic claims and proclamations.  The work moves on to dealing with Yeshua's authority over, conflict with, and repudiation of Pharisaic Judaism, which led to the rejection of His Messiahship.  It is in this context that a specific generation of Israel became guilty of the unpardonable sin.  This is followed by Yeshua's new focus on the training of His disciples for the work they would need to conduct in light of the rejection - the kind of work they would be performing in the book of Acts.  This volume concludes with Yeshua's journey to Jerusalem in preparation for the Feasts of Tabernacles.