The Last Generation:

Prophecy, Current World Events, and the End Times


Soft Cover Book - Revised 2nd edition- 303 pages


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Jim Simmons, in this book combines a look at the prophetic Word, apologetics, and events (past and present) since 1948 and the rebirth of the nation of Israel as "signs of His coming" in a sweeping perspective to give the reader a reasonable argument for this generation alive today being the "last generation". A thorough and current prophetic primer for anyone wanting a good overview of end times prophecy.

Randall Price says in his endorsement on the back cover, "Jim Simmons has issued a vital warning to prepare for the soon coming of Christ. While differences exists among interpreters on some of the matters discussed, the material he presents on current global, political, and economic trends and treaties and rising religious apostasy underscore the urgency of his message that we may be the last generation."