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Prophecy and Archaeology- New

What Can the Past Tell Us About the Future?

The Bible prophesied events that were expected to literally occur in future history because they were connected in their fulfillment to past and present demonstrations of God with Israel. In this presentationDr. Price examines three pivitol prophecies ofthe Old and New Testaments that have fond their fulfillment in the pages of history: Israel's captivity and exodus from Egypt, Jerusalems deliverance from the Assyrian invasion of Judah, and the destruction of the Second Temple. To those who doubted the future and the promises of God to do as exactly as He has promised, this presentation will give the assurance that God Who has promised is the God who has performed His promise.

Genesis and Archaeology- New

The book of Genesis is under attack!

The Book of Genesis is the theological foundation for the rest of the Bible. It introduces the biblical doctrines of sin, judgment, salvation, the Messiah, and the people of Israel. The truth of these events, especially as understood in the rest of the Old Testament and the New Testament, depends on the historicity of Genesis. If the foundation is faulty, that which is built upon it, the whole of Scripture, cannot support the weight of truth it claims for itself. For the past one hundred years, the historicity of Genesis has been under attack by critical scholarship, but today, some “evangelical” scholars who claim to affirm the inerrancy of the Bible, have argued that the author of Genesis adopted the mythological worldview of his surrounding culture to present the alternative of a single divine Creator. This view holds that “historical” and “scientific” events were not intended by the author of Genesis, but only a literary narrative like the Creation and Flood accounts long circulated in the ancient Near East.

Dr. Randall Price contends that Genesis can be taken as both historically and scientifically accurate and uses the discoveries from archaeology to demonstrate that the events recorded in the biblical text had a real-world context. This presentation covers the Creation, the Temptation and Fall of a literal Adam and Eve, the Genesis Flood, and the evidence for established ritual and worship at a central sanctuary by the first post-Flood generation. The evidence shows that the stories of Genesis, while presented with theological intent, were sourced from actual events in the ancient world.

Digging for the Truth

What can the past prove? Archaeological discoveries in the lands of the Near East have demonstrated the historicity of the events and personages recorded in the biblical text. See and learn about the great finds from famous excavations as well as new discoveries that reveal the truth of the Bible